More than 11.000 teachers will be trained in Inclusive Education and Sustainable Learning

Ecuador has a National Management and Attention Model for Students with Special Educational Needs Associated with Disabilities, its implementation will be carried out gradually in various specialised centres.

After three years of work by government authorities, this model was established in order to improve the quality of specialised education. This model was created for students who have an intellectual disability and multi disability is aligned with the national education curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education, added to this access adaptations, content and objectives that develop various pedagogical strategies specialised in teaching.

To complement the actions and achieve optimal quality education, 11,440 teachers will be part of the “Training Program for Inclusive Education and Sustainable Learning”, by the agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and ALATA.

“With this cooperation, teachers in fiscal schools and colleges will be trained to develop sustainable learning based on equity, relevance and sustainability for a lifetime”, said Ana Navarro, representative of ALATA.


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