ALATA and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education signed an agreement to train teachers in inclusion and diversity

Tutors in the field of Inclusive Education and Sustainable Learning will be trained to strengthen strategies to manage educational needs within the school system.

The training will take place in the city of Guayaquil, and will be directed to 250 teachers who will become tutors or mentors. The selected teachers are principals, teachers, officials of the Department of Student Counseling, or in the Inclusion Support Unit.

After the preparation of the first 5,500 teachers this year, in 2019, classes will be taught to teachers in the Sierra area. 20% will be practical training and 80% theoretical, which will be addressed by professors with 25 years of experience from the University of Melbourne (Australia) and ALATA researchers from several Latin American countries, including Ecuador. “The important thing is that not only will work to educate children with physical, cognitive, emotional disabilities, but also to work with children who are in a vulnerable position”, said Ana Navarro, representative of ALATA.

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