ALATA is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy based in Melbourne (Australia) and Quito (Ecuador), dedicated to the design and implementation of high quality consulting interventions and training programs.

We seek to assist organisations and institutions in their journey towards embracing and harnessing diversity thru evidence based inclusive practices.

We are a trans-disciplinary and multicultural team of passionate and experienced professionals with a shared vocation around building a more inclusive world.

We believe that inclusion is a needed everywhere, therefor we work with clients in a diverse range of countries, always seeking to fully understand the context of each organisation in order to design meaningful interventions and long lasting transformations.

Our purpose

Build a world in which we can all belong, develop and thrive


Claudia Pulido

Camila Castro

Carolina Rivera

ALATA team


Claudia is a speech pathologist with more than 15 years of experience developing and leading training for students with learning and language disabilities. She also has worked as an academic consultant and directing the program for the deaf population from 1995 to 2009. Her also worked as a trainer in an academic program for primary students with learning disabilities, attentional deficit among others.

She has had the responsibility to conduct workshops and designing strategies for teachers, caregivers and teachers regarding learning and language disabilities its impact in education, social behaviour and skills development.

Claudia has a Masters’ degree in education from La Trobe University, expanding her professional experience working with comprehensive language disorders.







Camila is an Occupational Therapist with a Master in Public Health from the University of Melbourne. She has a broad experience in inclusive programs for children with disabilities in mainstream schools, as well as in Latin American studies. Her research work has been about the interrelation between health and social sciences to promote the well-being of children and women, using qualitative and quantitative methods. She has worked in Chile, Haiti, Spain and Australia, developing Intercultural Communication and teamwork, as well as knowledge translation to improve program implementation.








Carolina is a Philosophy teacher and Master of education from University of Melbourne, with a specialisation in assessment and pedagogy. She also holds two graduate diplomas in leadership and education in vulnerable contexts.

She has more than ten years of experience as a teacher and also working with schools as an academic consultant doing training for principals and teachers, and formulating intervention programs for schools. In 2012, she co-founded NGO Innovacien, Chilean organisation working in the development and implementation of 21st century skills, technology and innovation, through her work with Innovacien she impacted the learning of more than 10.000 students.